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XenApp 6 \ AppSense and Slow Login.

I am using AppSense Environment Manager with the Citrix XenApp 6 (Server 2008 R2).  Logging in with AppSense disabled takes approximately 17  seconds but with it enabled it takes approximately 1 minute.

AppSense is suppose to speed up the login process not slow it down. 🙂

After numerous calls with support, EM Logs, Process monitor logs I got it narrowed down to one registry key that is being added as part of the Environment Manager config.  But with no help from the log files, just pure luck.

But before I determined that it was this key, the log files led me in a completely different direction. It kept saying that it was detecting my language was english and then it would sit there for about 40-45 seconds before proceeding to the next step. I do have the office language packs installed but I couldn’t see how that would make the login process longer.

One time I disabled the Language key that is listed by default under desktop settings. 

A user that did not exist in the database, logged in to the server around 20 seconds but another user account that was in the database still took around 1 minute to login.  So the logical next step was to delete the personalization for the 1 minute logon user.  But that didn’t change anything for that user and now the other user is back at 1 minute.

After about two weeks of back and forth with support I decided to just start disabling different nodes in the config and apply them one at a time, then login.

I got to that registry key which was a node by it self because it was a key that AppSense had us add for trailing or slow mouse while on the server.

We did not see this problem when we first applied it, so I am not sure if this registry key and language packs are conflicting.

I moved the registry key to the Group Policy and the login times are roughly 18 seconds.  This is where it should be at.  So If you run in to slow logins after you apply language packs and you are using AppSense you may want to disable this registry key in the config.

HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\UserPreFerenceMask
90 12 01 80 10 00 00 00



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