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AppSense and Personalized normal.dotm

I think normally this wouldn’t matter but in our environment we have specific settings in the normal.dotm that give our users certain fonts and styles they are required for the company documents.  So this could be easy enough to put in the mandatory profile but our users customize their normal.dotm and if you have power users that do that and every time they log in their settings have reverted back, you will definitely hear about it.

In order to accomplish this we added another folder in the section of our config where we create our redirected folders.  We created a folder for the normal.dotm.  Then we mapped a drive to that folder. 

We have a source normal.dotm and we copy it to the mapped drive.

Next we needed to set a registry key so that Office would know to go to this location to use the new normal.dotm.


The value type is: REG_EXPAND_SZ

(I think finding this key was the most difficult part).

Set the value to “DRIVELETTER:\Normal”  After that it knows to look for normal.dotm

After we made these changes everyone has their own normal.dotm that they can customize to their hearts content.


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