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Provisioning Services Server

I just read a white paper from citrix “Advanced Memory and Storage Considerations for Provisioning Services”.

I may have to read through a few more times.  It is very informative and apparently I never realized how important ram is on the provisioning server.  By default I think we gave it 8 GB of ram and I think we thought we might have two vdisks on the server.  Now we are at three vdisks and getting ready to add another one and then on top of that we have additional images we use for development.  The ram considerations are huge and could be a definite problem with speed on the servers. I never once thought we would need up to 32 GB of ram.

I’m not saying that we need 32 GB of ram, I’m saying I need to sit down and do some math and figure out exactly what we need. Other considerations is that the provisioning server will only get rebooted once month and most everything will sit in ram to some extent.

So I would take a look at it. I’m sure you can find it on Citrix’s website or where I got it, (great site).



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