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Citrix Web Interface 5.4 Socket Pooling Settings revert back to default

I kept seeing this happen and when it would no one could launch an app, so as we are about to go live with a new web interface this is a slight problem.  When you would click on an application or desktop you would get a protocal error, while I don’t think it is limited to that error that is what I was seeing.

After researching the problem a little, I came across a citrix forum that the great thing about this post is that someone else had already contacted citrix and was given a private hot fix and they posted it.  I think it sucks that they had to contact them to get a hot fix, which to me means that it was a known issue. 

Anyway, I applied the hot fix which is really three dll replacements, after that the socket pooling settings seemed to stick.  We’ll give it some time but it appears to be fixed.



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