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Upgrading PVS to 6.1 Store path not found

I’m sure if you google this you may find a ton of results.  It only took me a minute to solve, but I had the exacty same issue when we originally setup PVS 5.6…

Apparently I had several servers running but they were only running off of one of the pvs servers and not load balanced like I thought.  So as I turned on a few more servers that were in production I just happened to check and make sure they were load balanced.  Of course they weren’t, I tried rebalance them.  Eventually it would stop and the events were being updated every 15 seconds or so with each server that was trying to boot off that pvs server.

After a quick google search, I didn’t find the answer but something just clicked and I remembered that I needed to set the permissions correctly.  My PVS server that was working already had the right permissions (I don’t remember setting them, but they were good.)

So I keep the images on D:\Images\{Sub Folder}, I went ahead and added everyone so that they had full control.  One thing to note, this is not a folder that is shared out.  These are NTFS permissions.  There may be a need to edit share permissions if your store has a path of a share.

To me it seems like when you create a store and tell it the location it should automatically check if the permissions are good.  It checks to see if the folder exists, maybe there is just a little more programming that could go in the detection of the store folder to see if permissions are enough for servers to boot from that path.  Just a thought, but if this is the only problem I have (wish full thinking) then i’m find with it 🙂



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