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Upgrading to Citrix PVS 6.1

It’s a slow process, but that’s only because users are using the servers and I just can’t reboot them all at once.

I have 3 Images converted to the 6.1 environment.  All of the servers for the 2 of the 3 images are working.  On the 3rd image, I am just waiting for the servers to drain the users off.

The next 3 images are being worked on as we speak.  One of them is in Asia so the connection from the US is a slow but it should done with in the next several days.

Currently converting the last two images, every thing works pretty well.

The only issue I have seen and I don’t know if it is an issue.  We didn’t upgrade our servers, we built two new servers so that we could move images and servers to the new environment on our schedule.  So we have both the 5.6 and the 6.1 environment up and running at the same time. 

So I added the Boot ISO to the server for the new 6.1 environment and boot it up.  It will give a trust relationship error.  I’m guessing you can’t have two different environments (databases) talking to AD and managing the server passwords.  So only thing to keep in mind is when switching from one version to another you need to reset the active directory password in the new environment and then power it on in the new environment.



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