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Capture OneNote 2010 with AppSense

It was not very difficult, so I thought I would share it.

Let me share a few things about my environment first.  The OS is  2008 R2 running XenApp 6.5.  The Desktop and My Documents are redirected.  The only relevant piece is the redirection.

Many times you redirect folders to a UNC path.  But I have three different regions.  USA, Europe, and Asia and the redirected shares are all different.

On each server we create a symbolic link and point a local folder to a network share.

In this example it will be C:\Userdata –> \\ServerName\Redirected_Folders\Userdata

Under UserData is each users folder so in the users current session we can point to C:\Userdata\%username%

Now on to capturing OneNote 2010.  The idea is you would log in to your citrix session and launch OneNote and it would open right up and all of your files in your notebook would be there instantly.

First Step.

Create at Personalization Group under Windows Personalization, call it OneNote 2010


Add User Defined Setting


Click Add/Remove

Click Create Windows Setting


Type in the Registry key to capture


At his point if you log in to Citrix and launch OneNote and type in your email address to where your OneNote Notebooks is saved it will access it and you can start using OneNote. Once you log out and back in and launch OneNote again it will open right up to your Notebook again.

But the problem I have is is that I have a lot of notes saved with screen shots. So each time I logged in it would have to download all the files, pictures, screenshots, etc..

This means I had to wait for OneNote to download the data.

I wanted to be able to log in and just start working.

So I found where the files are saved and tested copying them out to a folder and logged out and logged back in. But this time I copied the files back before I launched OneNote. Now when I launched OneNote everything was there.

So for Step two I did the following.

In my configuration I added a step under Process Stopped.  I used Userinit.exe

First it checks to see if the onenoteofflinecache.onecache file exists in my Redirected folder. (remember C:\UserData is my redirected folder, you may need to change this to your redirected folder or some other UNC or drive mapping.)


If the file already exists,  then the file\folders are copied. So at login we will copy the files and folders from the redirected path to C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\14.0\




The last step is step three.  Copy the files and folders at log off to a your redirected folders.

This does the same thing as in step two, just in the opposite direction.  Check and see if the file exists and if it does copy the files\folders.







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