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AppSense EM 8.3 and Script checking User OU membership.

Problem I am having is that specific set of registry keys needs to be in place before a published app launches but the published app is launching before appsense has a chance to completely apply them.  I tried setting the key at logon but that didn’t work. I have tried setting them when the process… Continue reading AppSense EM 8.3 and Script checking User OU membership.

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AppSense and Personalized normal.dotm

I think normally this wouldn’t matter but in our environment we have specific settings in the normal.dotm that give our users certain fonts and styles they are required for the company documents.  So this could be easy enough to put in the mandatory profile but our users customize their normal.dotm and if you have power… Continue reading AppSense and Personalized normal.dotm

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XenApp 6 \ AppSense and Slow Login.

I am using AppSense Environment Manager with the Citrix XenApp 6 (Server 2008 R2).  Logging in with AppSense disabled takes approximately 17  seconds but with it enabled it takes approximately 1 minute. AppSense is suppose to speed up the login process not slow it down. 🙂 After numerous calls with support, EM Logs, Process monitor… Continue reading XenApp 6 \ AppSense and Slow Login.